Emma Gorge resort area

Near the El Questro resort

This little scene was waiting for us at the Emma Gorge parking lot. Car 44 has the logo of Two Dogs alcoholic lemonade
artfully displayed on its top. Your taste in drinks is up to you, the link above is simply for authentic Aussie cuisine. Two
Dogs was the sponsor of this car in a road race across the Top End on the Gibb River Road. Don't look at the full size
image unless you can stand bawdy Aussie humor. You were warned! Don't complain ifyour curiosity gets the better of
you and you don't like what you see...and this was a wonderful resort and the car with the doggies is not parked there

Emma Gorge is a tranquil oasis in a semi arid winter landscape. There is a creek between pools fed by the seeps in the cliffs.

There are two pools, a dripping seep "waterfall." The green in the pools is the green alga Spirogyra, in lovely silky loops.

The highest pool had a feed from the seeps plus a warm spring. There were spangled grunts (fish) rooting in the graveled
spirogyra patches, especially in the sunniest part of the pool.

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